Online Location of Faults on AC Cables in Underground by Christian Flytkjær Jensen

By Christian Flytkjær Jensen

This booklet stories on a variety of innovations for fault situation on go bonded cables, identifies the easiest technique and describes the development of a whole fault locator method. The built process is in a position of pinpointing the fault position on lengthy cross-bonded cable platforms and may be put in in Danish substations for tracking the arriving cable-based transmission grid. The paintings was once carried out as a part of a collaborative venture among the dep. of power expertise at Aalborg collage and the Danish transmission approach operator for electrical energy and common fuel,

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42 4 Series Phase and Sequence Impedance Matrices Fig. 17 a Real and b imaginary part of the fault loop impedance as function of fault location and fault resistance The connection to ground will have an influence for very low values of the equivalent resistance. However, as the resistance increases, very little current will flow to ground at the fault location and for a grounding resistance of 1 ρ, almost no current flows and the fault loop impedance is almost equal to that of a core to sheath fault only.

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