Piezoelectric Multilayer Beam-Bending Actuators: Static and by Rüdiger G. Ballas

By Rüdiger G. Ballas

The ebook describes the appliance of piezoelectric fabrics, e.g. piezoceramics, within the vast box of actuators and sensors. It supplies a step by step creation into the constitution and mechanics of piezoelectric beam bending actuators in multilayer know-how, that are of accelerating significance for commercial functions. The dynamic behaviour of piezoelectric multilayer beam benders is defined at the foundation of the strong Lagrangian formalism and Hamiltons precept. Then follows a scientific improvement of the electromechanical circuit illustration for any type of piezoelectric beam bending actuators in the framework of community thought. various sensor-actuator platforms in keeping with a capacitive and an inductive sensor precept are offered and mentioned intimately. Analytical simulations of the static and dynamic behaviour are in comparison to genuine size result of a particularly constructed piezoelectric multilayer beam bender. right here the suitability of the built theoretical facets is proven in a superb means.

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8 1 Introduction a multilayer system, a large number of publications have been published in the scientific literature, too. In the following some representative works are summarized. Smits and Ballato describe the dynamic behavior of a bimorph bending structure, which is excited to bending vibrations by external harmonic quantities such as forces, bending moments, pressure loads and electrical driving voltages [19]. The resulting harmonic quantities deflection, bending angle, volume displacement and generated charge are combined by a dynamic admittance matrix with the externally aecting loads.

11. The total deflection in }-direction is much larger than the deformation of the piezoelectric component in {-direction. Due to the mechanical transformation of small length variations of the piezoceramic component into a bending deformation, it is possible to generate large deflections in }-direction, even the actuator is driven by low electric voltages (24-200 V). U y E x P z Fig. 11. Behavior of a monomorph subjected by an electrical voltage (E and P are aligned antiparallelly; see fig. 9c) In order to increase the deflection of the beam bending actuator, the passive elastic component can be replaced by a second active piezoceramic component.

6 Electromechanical Behavior The domain processes in ferroelectric ceramics caused by external electric fields are superposed by the dielectric and the invers piezoelectric behavior. Due to the domain processes, a nonlinear and hysteresis aected correlation exists between the polarization S and the applied electric field H. Depending on the previous history of the ceramics, strongly varying domain configurations can arise, thus for a certain instantaneous value of the electric field dierent polarization values exist.

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