Pipe Fitting and Piping Handbook by Gary Lamit

By Gary Lamit

Reference significant other for piping designers.

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OPERATIONAL PROCESSES OF THE EDS-1 Predetonation Procedure Before the munition is placed in the EDS containment vessel, it is surrounded by a fragment suppression system (FSS) (see Appendix F) to protect the walls of the EDS containment vessel from high-velocity fragments of the detonation. The FSS is also used to mount and properly locate the explosive charges used to access the chemical fill and detonate the fuze and burster of the munition. A linear shaped charge cuts open the munition and exposes its contents for chemical treatment, and conical shaped charges detonate the internal energetic compounds.

The latter are likely to be destroyed by posttreatments that destroy MEA, because they are less stable chemically. The metal components may require stabilization or solidification before final disposal, especially if toxic metals such as lead or mercury are involved. The toxicities of the MMD and EDS-1 neutralents are discussed and compared in Appendix D. ” However, some munitions containing arsenic-derived chemical agents may also be encountered. Past experience indicates that there may be projectiles filled with lewisite, an organoarsenic blister agent.

1 ppm) in the neutralent from other bomblets probably reflects the ability of MEA to destroy RDX. S. Army, 2000). Apparently no analyses were performed to detect RDX-MEA reaction products, which may be complex organic amines. 8 If the munition fuze and burster charges are successfully detonated by the shaped charges, there may be little residual explosive remaining after the blast. 10 Even if there is little residual explosive remaining in the neutralent, hydrolysis products from the energetics will still be present in the liquid waste streams.

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