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Bipolar junction transistors (a) npn type and (b) pnp type. 1. Steady-state Characteristics. Out of the three possible circuit configurations for a transistor, common-emitter arrangement is more common in switching applications. So, a common emitter npn circuit for obtaining its characteristics is considered as shown in Fig. 6 (a). Inp ut characteristics. A graph between 'base current IB and base~emitter voltage VBE gives input ch ar acteristics. As the base-emitter junction of a transistor is like a diode, IB vers us V BE graph resembles a diode curve.

D ) Why is it preferrable to use hard drive for BJ T ? 7 . (c'z ) vVhat is th e difference bet we en ~ an orced ~f for BJTs ? (6) Whflt are th e conditio ns un der which a transistor operates as a switch? Discuss hard -drive and over drive fact or for BJT. (c ) Show L at colle ctor current at sat urati on remains s ubstan tially con3:ant even if base curren t is i n ~r ea sed. (Prob. 8. A bipolar tr ansistor, with current gain P= 50, has load eBistance Re = 10 Q , de supply voltage Vee = 120 V and input voltage to base circuit, VB = 10 V.

He average value of power-switching loss in the device for a switching frequency of 1 kHz. [AnS. ~ Vs . Ia (tl + t2], ~ Vs Ia (t3 + t 4), ! 16. (a ) Explain the constructional details and working of low-power MO~FET and power MOS­ FET and bring out the differences between the two. (b) Discuss the transfer and output characteristics of power MOSFETs . 17. (a ) Describe the switching characteristics of power MOSFETs.

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