Practical Guide to Industrial Boiler Systems by Ralph Vandagriff

By Ralph Vandagriff

A single-source compendium of data on sleek commercial boiler platforms, together with a boiler operator's education consultant, upkeep examples, and a record for troubleshooting. additionally comprises layout notes from genuine boiler jobs and different examples and knowledge.

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Superheater Tube Failure Superheater tubes rarely fail because of corrosion, unless it has occurred during periods of standby. Failures of these tubes are almost always attributed to overheating, which may be caused by the insulating effect of deposits carried over by the boiler water, or by insufficient steam flow. Superheater deposits are typically caused by boiler water carryover. Carryover results from excessive concentrations of dissolved solids or alkali or the presence of oil or other organic substances.

3 Btu/ lb. 4. 00. 5. Transfer of heat: Heat flows from a body of higher temperature to one at a lower temperature and may be transferred by three following methods: a. Conduction: The transfer of heat between two bodies or parts of a body having different temperatures. Example: the flow of heat from the inside surface of a radiator to the outside surface. b. Convection: Transmission of heat conveyed by currents of air, water, or other substances passing over a surface having a higher temperature than the currents flowing over it.

Some types of rotating equipment can be set into motion with very little force. This type should be locked with a brake or other suitable device to prevent rotation. 14. Always secure the drive mechanism of dampers, gates, and doors before passing through them. II. OPERATING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS A. Water Level The most important rule in the safe operation of boilers is to keep water in the boiler at proper level. Never depend entirely on automatic alarms, feedwater regulators, or water level controls.

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