Progesterone in orthomolecular medicine by Ray Peat

By Ray Peat

"Raymond Peat bought his PhD in Biology from the college of Oregon, focusing on body structure. He has written brain and Tissue, Progesterone in orthomolecular medication, and nutrients for girls, in addition to articles in journals. He has taught on the collage of Oregon, Urbana collage, Montana country college, nationwide collage of Naturopathic medication, Universidad Veracruzana, and the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico, and based Blake university, overseas collage. He does self reliant study and personal endocrine and dietary consulting."

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REFERENCES 1. R. Peat, dissertation, Biology Department, University of Oregon, 1972. 2. R. Peat and A. L. Soderwall, Cold-inactivated Enzymes, Physiological Chem. and Physics, 1971 and 1972. 3. R. Peat, A biophysical approach to altered consciousness, Jour. of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, 1975. 4. R. S. Patent No. 4,432,437, 1984. 56 TRANSDERMAL PROGESTERONE FOR PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME For many years, Katharina Dalton has studied the use of progesterone therapy for the premenstrual syndrome. A typical patient may require ten or more progesterone injections per month, more or less permanently.

The logic by which ACTH suppresses progesterone synthesis is similar, to prevent pregnancy during stress. Since progesterone and pregnenolone protect brain cells against the excitotoxins, anything that chronically lowers the body's progesterone level tends to accelerate the estrogen-induced excitotoxic death of brain cells. Chronic constipation, and anxiety which decreases blood circulation in the intestine, can increase the liver's exposure to endotoxin. Endotoxin (like intense physical activity) causes the estrogen concentration of the blood to rise.

Tocopherol acetate does have vitamin E activity, but since it is only about half as efficiently absorbed as the simple tocopherol,(12) it is a mistake to save a few dollars an ounce, at the expense of losing half of the therapeutic effect. People who have compared natural progesterone in natural tocopherols with other compositions have insisted that the other compositions must not contain progesterone. The taste of natural vitamin E is stronger than that of the synthetic forms, but since the mixture is absorbed by any tissue it contacts, including various parts of the bowel, it can be taken in a capsule.

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