RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications by Reinhold Ludwig

By Reinhold Ludwig

For upper-level electric Engineering introductory classes in RF Circuit layout and analog integratedcircuits. This useful and finished e-book introduces RF circuit layout basics with an emphasis on layout methodologies. *Provides MATLAB exercises to hold out uncomplicated transmission line computations and make allowance the graphical exhibit of the ensuing impedance behaviors as a part of the Smith Chart. *Allows scholars to enforce those software program instruments all alone computer. *All m-files might be incorporated on a sure in CD-ROM. *Presents RF Amplifier Designs, together with small and big sign designs, slim as opposed to extensive band, low noise, etc. *Provides scholars with important broad-based wisdom of universal amplifier designs utilized in the undefined. *Discusses Matching Networks, equivalent to T and P matching networks and unmarried and double stub matching. additionally it is Discrete and Microstrip Line matching options with desktop simulations...*Presents Scattering parameterssuch as reasonable listings of S-parameters for transistors and transmission line. *Highlights functional use of S-parameters in circuit layout and function evaluation.* positive aspects Smith Chart, together with sequence and parallel connections of resistor, capacitor, and inductor networks. it is usually simulations in MATLAB to supply graphical demonstrate of circuit habit and function research. *Introduces the Smith Chart as a layout device to watch electrical habit of circuits. *Introduces the ordinary varieties of Oscillators and Mixers, together with unfavourable resistance , fixed-frequency, and YIG-tuned designs. *Explains the most typical oscillator designs utilized in many RF platforms. *Provides an summary of universal filter out kinds, together with low, excessive, bandpass, Butterworth, and Chebyshev filters. *Provides layout instruments to permit scholars to advance a number of virtually realizable filters. *Discusses the high-frequency habit of universal circuit elements, together with the habit of resistors, capacitors, and inductors. *Helps scholars comprehend the adaptation of low as opposed to excessive frequency responses. *Introduces the speculation of allotted parameters via a dialogue on Transmission strains. This contains line parameters, resources and cargo terminations, and voltage and present waves.* Outlines the necessity of disbursed circuit thought in modern day excessive frequency circuits. *Analyzes active/passive RF circuits via a number of community description types, specially the two-port community. This dialogue additionally covers impedance, admittance, ABCD, h-parameter networks, and interrelations. *Includes a few vital pedagogical features-Intersperses examples all through each one bankruptcy, and comprises self-written MATLAB exercises and circuit simulations by way of a advertisement RF software program package deal. *Assists scholars via clarifying and explaining the theoretical advancements.

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