Sabre River (Dungeons & Dragons, CM3) by Douglas Niles

By Douglas Niles

You're a visitor of the count number, one among your allies and the most powerful guy within the zone. Your sojourn has been friendly, a pleasant switch after weeks of conflict. without warning the courtyard under your window is full of the noise of galloping horses. extra visitors? ~

You yawn as you glance out. yet those humans arriving glance extra like tax creditors than site visitors. you choose to offer your realization to whatever extra fascinating, like dinner. ~

Relax if you can, pal, simply because those new arrivals are approximately to steer you to a purple sailor, a comfy Tower of Terror, and a river with an aching middle. ~

Sabre River contains a whole crusade surroundings, new NPCs, dungeon and desert encounters, and a mysterious tale.

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Remember to check for swallowed water! As the PCs go deeper into the lake, tell them of a monstrous shape swimming just beyond their vision. They might see a huge, slowly moving shadow or feel turbulance cre- ated by the passage of some large body. In other words, build suspense without letting them catch sight of the dragon turtle yet. The lake is 200 feet deep, and at its bottom beats the Heart of the River. The Heart is a 4foot-diameter hole in the lake bottom. Characters who roll their wisdom or less on 1d20 will figure out that this is a wormhole from the Elemental Plane of Water.

4. The wielder can inflict 4 times the normal damage for 1-10 rounds once per day. 5. The sword can detect all types of gems within 60 feet by pointing itself in that direction. 6. Only the sabre can destroy the Seer. 7. Only the sabre can remove the growth from the Heart of the River and stop it from growing back. Cutter's real name is Erbas, adopted son of Korse. As an infant, he was found on the banks of the river. Cutter is really the polymorphed sabre of the Alphatian general, created by the lightning that cut the sabre in two.

All Rights Reserved ONE SQUARE = 10 FEET magic ray directed to fill the doorway. It will attempt to bite the first character entering the room. As soon as the anti-magic ray shifts elsewhere, it will use four of its smaller eyes to attack characters standing in the doorway. Beholder: AC 0 body/2 central eye/7 eyestalks; HD 11*****; hp 50 body/20 large eye/12 each eyestalk; MV 30' (10'); #AT 1 bite + special; D 2-16 + special; save MU11; ML 12; AL C; XP 5100 Special Attacks: Large Eye: anti-magic ray Eye 1: charm person Eye 2: charm monster Eye 3: sleep Eye 4: telekinesis Eye 5: flesh to stone Eye 6: disintegrate Eye 7: cause fear Eye 8: slow Eye 9: cause serious wounds Eye 10: death spell Scattered among the rubble, leather fragments, and moldy bones of the beholder's 28 low water and must check for results based on the phase of the moon.

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