Science, Perception and Reality by Wilfrid Sellars

By Wilfrid Sellars

This article is Sellars at his best possible. the hole essay, "Philsophy and the medical photograph of Man" is a superb synoptic review and creation. One will locate oneself continuously refering again to this essay as one strikes on within the textual content. "The Language of Theories" brilliantly discusses Sellars' teleology, that is a Peirceian development in the direction of accomplished technological know-how. the center-piece, in fact, is "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind." this is often the essay that placed Sellars at the map. in addition to introducing thoughts corresponding to mental nominalism, it's a really good and mostly ideal assault on logical empiricism. The textual content concludes with "Some Reflections on Language Games", a Wittgensteinian dialogue situated round the inspiration that one needs to "live the game." when you simply personal one e-book from Sellars (which is nowhere close to enough), make it this one. (Amazon buyer review)

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When the intellect is in second act with respect to the word ·man· it is by virtue of actually thinking of something as a man. If the intellect is in first act with respect to this word, we shall say that it has the concept ·man·. 9. e. is not in first aot with respect to any mental words. The view that the intellect is innately in first act with respect to some mental words is not an absurd one. Indeed, as I shall argue, the classical ('abstractive') account of concept formation runs into trouble as soon as it leaves the haven of concepts pertaining to the proper sensibles-and only seems to account for them.

Then, by action of the thing on the open eyes of a man who is not blind, the absolute natures white and triangular come to exist immaterially in the organ of sight.

To say that a certain person desired to do A, thought it his duty to do B but was forced to do C, is not to describe him as one might describe a scientific specimen. One does, indeed, describe him, but one does something more. And it is this something more which is the irreducible core of the framework of persons. In what does this something more consist? First, a relatively superficial point which will guide the way. To think of a featherless biped as a person is to think of it as a being with which one is bound up in a network of rights and duties.

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