Security Fundamentals for E-Commerce by Vesna Hassler

By Vesna Hassler

If you are charged with retaining the safety of e-commerce websites, you wish this specific e-book that gives an in-depth figuring out of uncomplicated safety difficulties and appropriate e-commerce ideas, whereas assisting you enforce trendy such a lot complex safety technologies.From designing safe net, e-commerce, and cellular trade purposes: to securing your inner community: to offering safe employee/user authentication, this state of the art booklet can provide a worthy protection viewpoint you will not locate in different resources.Flexibly based to provide you a entire assessment or that will help you quick pinpoint issues of fast hindrance, the ebook comprises sections on easy safeguard mechanisms, the categorical requisites of digital cost structures, verbal exchange safeguard, and internet- and Java-related protection matters. a whole part is dedicated to the protection elements of code and patron mobility, particularly cellular brokers, cellular units, and shrewdpermanent playing cards. Over 70 illustrations aid make clear details during the booklet.

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