Seeing in the Dark: A Compendium of Cinemagoing

Individuals who percentage a deep ardour for the cinema recount their own memories of cinema-going during this anthology, which describes open-air movie indicates in Baghdad or Australia, early life thoughts of the cinema in London, stylish paintings cinemas in ny and dingy flea-pits in different places.

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There were other tricks you could pull. You regularly turned the heating up before the intermission, when the icecream girl appeared. If there was anything like a Foreign Legion story, or something like Hitchcock's Lifeboat, when the characters had to ration out the water, you'd slowly turn up the heat. There were girls who couldn't walk backwards. ' You wondered what genetic quirk there was. ' I didn't know enough about the subject to be able to query it. I was at the Trocadero, Elephant and Castle, as an assistant manager, and there were a hundred and twentytwo on the staff.

Even when Samuel is facing death by having his throat cut in the Gents the exchange goes like this, 'Mother of Mary, that reminds me of my poor Joseph going. Didn't he have the anaemia, and the Hodgkiss, and a touch of leukaemia too. ' (ROGER WAKELING) BEST OF BRITISH The Odd Hour Cinema, Nottingham, the 1950s. You went in, you came out; whenever you felt like it. Through a tiny door off the dry page of the street, from the cold light of day to sitting in womb-like blackness. Where did the giant images come from?

Poor thing,' she'd sob, thinking about the heroine, and she'd get undressed so that she could carry on crying in bed. Uncle Eugenio would get mad with frustration, utterly unable to find the words to refute the fact that illusions might provoke real tears. We convinced him in Holy Week. They were showing a film, The Life of Christ, and though this was clearly an illusion as well it had taken place in real life, and uncle was very much a believer. He went in acting very worried, looking at people as though ashamed that they were seeing him in a cinema.

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