Sinner (Wayfarer Redemption, Book 1) by Sara Douglass

By Sara Douglass

The 1st ebook of the Wayfarerer Redemption, a captivating continuation of The Axis trilogy, via the bestselling Australian writer Sara Douglass 40 years have handed, Axis and Azhure have taken their rightful areas one of the different megastar Gods. Their adored first-born, Caelum Starson, now ideas and all appears to be like peaceable. however the Throne of the celebrities brings frightful tasks, and infrequently Caelum listens to the incorrect suggestion. outdated resentments among Acharite and Icari threaten to weigh down Caelum's tentative regulate, and civil struggle looms at the horizon. As there are tensions within the land and one of the peoples of Tencendor, so are there tensions one of the SunSoar family members itself. Drago, denied his Icari history as punishment for a treacherous infancy is continually reminded that whereas his brothers and sisters experience energy and formative years, he a while less than the constraints of his human blood. Riverstar is now a useless and spiteful younger lady, and Zenith, his youngest sister, is experiencing thoughts which are destroying her peace of brain. yet a much more menacing chance to the peace of Tencendor lingers past the megastar Gate. the youngsters that Wolfstar hurled to their deaths 1000's of years in the past wish their revenge, their whispering is turning into louder and they're now not by myself.

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