Spellwright by Blake Charlton

By Blake Charlton

Nicodemus is a tender, talented wizard with an issue. Magic in his international calls for the caster to create spells by means of writing out the textual content . . . yet he has continually been dyslexic, and therefore has difficulty casting even the best of spells. And his misspells might turn out harmful, even lethal, should still he make a mistake in a big incantation.

Yet he has regularly felt that he's destined to be anything greater than a failed wizard. whilst a robust, historic evil starts a crusade of homicide and disruption, Nicodemus starts off to have anxious desires that lead him to think that his misspelling may be the results of a curse. yet ahead of he can realize the reality approximately himself, he's attacked via an evil which has already claimed the lives of fellow wizards and has forged suspicion on his mentor. He needs to flee for his personal lifestyles if he’s to discover the real villain.

But extra is at stake than his skills. For the evil that has woke up is an influence so dread and large that if unleashed it's going to break Nicodemus... and the world.

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He’ll survive the cankers; the others will die screaming. I’ll spare you this torture if you tell me—” But Nora did not wait to hear the rest. Soundlessly she pushed herself up and leaped over the railing. For a moment, she feared a swarm of silvery paragraphs would wrap about her ankles and hoist her back up to the bridge.  . and she was free. She closed her eyes and discovered that her fear of death had become strange and distant, more like a memory than an emotion. The prophecy had come to pass.

They might keep me from spellwriting within your walls, but I can lure the whelps into the woods or onto these bridges. It won’t be hard to do now that the convocation has begun. If I must, I’ll snuff out your students one by one. ” She did not move. ” Nora glanced at the railing. An idea bled across her mind like an ink stain. It might work if she moved quickly enough. ” The creature stepped away. ” Nora felt a tug on the magical sentence running through her chest. “I’ve just infected you with a canker spell.

Beyond those was a row of narrow, moonlit windows. A second thud made Nicodemus jump. It sounded as if it were coming from the library’s roof. He looked up but saw only ceiling. Then the darkness was filled by a repetitive clomping, as if someone were running. The footsteps passed directly over him and then sped away to the opposite side of the library. Nicodemus turned to follow the sound with his eyes. When the footsteps reached the roof’s edge, they ceased. A moon-shadow flickered across two of the paper screens.

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