The Biology of the Laboratory Rabbit by Patrick J. Manning, Daniel H. Ringler, Christian E. Newcomer

By Patrick J. Manning, Daniel H. Ringler, Christian E. Newcomer

After approximately twenty years, the e-book of this moment version of The Biology of the Laboratory Rabbit attests to its recognition in the medical neighborhood in addition to to the necessity to replace an increasing database at the rabbit as a big species in laboratory research. The critical target of this article is to supply a finished and authoritative resource of scientifically dependent details on a tremendous laboratory animal species. The textual content maintains to stress the traditional biology in addition to ailments of the eu (domestic) rabbit, Orytolagus cuniculus, specifically the hot Zealand White breed, with occasional connection with different rabbit species (Sylvilagus sp.) and hares (Lepus sp.). New subject matters were additional to this moment variation according to altering tendencies in biomedical study and product trying out in addition to to feedback from readers.

Key Features
* New chapters integrated on:
* Anesthesia and analgesia
* versions in infectious disorder research
* types in ophthalmology and imaginative and prescient research
* Polyclonal antibody production
* Toxicity and security testing
* Drug doses and scientific reference information

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