The Direction of Play (Intermediate to Advanced Go Books) by Takeo Kajiwara

By Takeo Kajiwara

This publication is a lucid exposition of the fundamental ideas of Kajiwara's pass thought and a advisor to employing those ideas on your personal online game. specially else, Kajiwara emphasizes the significance of cautious research to be able to confirm the right kind path of play, that's, the path within which a stone or a gaggle of stones exerts its major impact. He demonstrates that every stone has a lifetime of its personal and so expresses the distinctiveness of the participant. the most important to a strong online game is knowing the connection among each one stone and the final place, for under then can one notice the total capability of each stone that one performs.

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West North East South 1 ?  7  A J 10 7 3  A 10 2  K J 10 4 With a singleton spade, your hand will be very good for play in all suits. Does this mean you should double? In a recent Nationals in the finals of the Spingold teams, Zia Mahmood bid 2 with this hand but Jeff Meckstroth made a takeout double. On this occasion, doubling was right since partner had six clubs and no hearts. The point here is that nothing is perfect. Even experts disagree. Deviant shapes that may have to make takeout doubles 1.

First, your K is poorly placed. West rates to have the high hearts, which means your K is worth less than you are hoping for. Second, North will play at the two-level, not the one-level, which adds a large measure of cost to your adventure when you get doubled. Let’s say you double and let’s say the opponents just go on to some final contract. They will know where the high cards are and will play the hand as well as possible. It doesn’t make much sense to bid when you know you will get a bad result for doing so.

Be aware that when you have a big hand with only a five-card minor suit, the bidding can become embarrassing in a hurry. Try to avoid doubling and bidding a minor with only a five-card suit. Continuing with example hands: West North East South 1 ? Q2 AJ8 AJ KQJ763 Start with 2. This is an 18-point hand, but it has many flaws. It has some wasted cards, plus the opening bid was 1. That 1 bid should worry you. It alerts you that there may be some spade bidding by them, which means you will have to bid clubs at the three- or four- or even the five-level.

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