The Empty Space by Peter Brook

By Peter Brook

Within the Empty area, groundbreaking director Peter Brook attracts on a lifestyles in love with the degree to discover the problems dealing with any theatrical functionality. the following he describes very important advancements in theatre from the final century, in addition to smaller scale occasions, from productions via Stanislavsky to the increase of strategy performing, from Brecht’s progressive alienation strategy to the unfastened shape Happenings of the Nineteen Sixties, and from the several sorts of such nice Shakespearean actors as John Gielgud and Paul Scofield to a joyous impromptu functionality within the burnt-out shell of the Hamburg Opera simply after the struggle. Passionate, unconventional and interesting, his booklet indicates how theatre defies principles, builds and shatters illusions and creates lasting stories for its audiences.

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Today when no conventional forms stand 45 THE EMPTY SPACE up any more, even the author who doesn’t care about theatre as such, but only about what he is trying to say, is compelled to begin at the root—by facing the problem of the very nature of dramatic utterance. There is no way out —unless he is prepared to settle for a second-hand vehicle that’s no longer in working order and very unlikely to take him to where he wants to go. Here the author’s real problem and the director’s real problem go hand in glove.

For instance, a critic is always serving the theatre when he is hounding out incompetence. If he spends most of his time grumbling, he is almost always right. The appalling difficulty of making theatre must be accepted: it is, or would be, if truly practised, perhaps the hardest medium of all: it is merciless, there is no room for error, or for waste. A novel can survive the reader who skips pages, or entire chapters; the audience, apt to change from THE DEADLY THEATRE 36 pleasure to boredom in a wink can be lost, irrevocably.

But I am thinking again of the quantity of new creative work poured into films compared with the world’s output of new dramatic texts. When new plays set out to imitate reality, we are more conscious of what is imitative than what is real: if they explore character, it is seldom that they go far beyond stereotypes; if it is argument they offer, it is seldom that argument is taken to arresting extremes; even if it is a quality of life that they wish to evoke, we are usually offered no more than the literary quality of the well-turned phrase; if it is social criticism they are after, it seldom touches the heart of any social target; if they wish for laughter, it is usually by well-worn means.

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