The Foot and Ankle: Clinical Applications (A.L. Logan Series by Alfred Logan, Lindsay Rowe

By Alfred Logan, Lindsay Rowe

Utilized by scholars and practitioners, this booklet bargains sensible and powerful ways to remedy of the foot and ankle. The e-book comprises various illustrations of the foot and ankle anatomy, adjustive options, and routines. The Foot and Ankle is certainly one of a three-book sequence of chiropractic procedure manuals written by means of the past due A.L. Logan, DC.

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Piriformis or a portion of the gluteus maximus muscles are contracted or that a weakness of the medial rotators of the hip exists. It could indicate a laterally rotated tibia on the femur. The patient may be a prone sleeper. If so, in the supine posi­ tion with the iliac crest and the anterosuperior iliac spine level, the affected leg will palpate longer at each area of palpation (ie, the distal medial condyle of the femur, the medial malleolus, and the bottom of the heel). Also, the hip flexors on that side will test weak, and a laterally rotated femur fixation usually will be present.

Another example, weight being felt on the inside of both feet, may indicate bilateral pro­ nation due to obesity and the inability to walk straight. i Hindfoot Pronation II -) r- Observe the Achilles tendon for abnormal curvature. If the hindfoot is pronated, the Achilles tendon will usually curve with the apex medial (Fig. 2-2). The normal hindfoot position during weight bearing is neutral with a relatively straight Achilles tendon. A curved tendon may indicate hindfoot pro­ nation alone or in combination with forefoot pronation and must be identified.

2-34). Supination should be ap­ proximately twice that of pronation. Pronation of the Forefoot on the Stationary Hindfoot To test for forefoot pronation, secure the heel while pronat­ ing the forefoot (Fig. 2-35). Inversion of the Foot and Ankle Inversion is a combination of adduction and supination and, when executed by the patient, usually some plantar flexion (Fig. 2-36). 2 Eversion of the Foot and Ankle Eversion is a combination of pronation, abduction, and usu­ ally some dorsiflexion (Fig.

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