The Invaders Plan (Mission Earth, Book 1) by L. Ron Hubbard

By L. Ron Hubbard

Riveting, fantastically plotted intrigue.  a brand new type of technology Fiction epic, rooted within the clandestine worlds of intelligence, drug smuggling and crime.  With all the suspense parts of the fast paced spy/mystery thriller.  Exotically spiced with a liberal sprint of humor and a touch of intercourse. quantity 1 of the most important technology Fiction dekology ever written -- project Earth. “A mystery filled with lust, laughs, event and murderous intrigue."—Literary Guild

The Voltar Confederacy has a long-range technique to invade Earth and use it of their conquest of the Galaxy. notwithstanding, with the invention that Earth is being destroyed via incessant pollutants, Royal Officer Jettero Heller is distributed on a top-secret venture to deal with this risk to the planet's existence. yet why is Lombar Hisst, head of the gear, Voltar's lethal intelligence organization, decided to sabotage the venture and notice it fail? Can Heller very likely prevail or will he fall into the net of intergalactic intrigue spun by way of Hisst and his devious henchman, Soltan Gris? discover as you embark in this undertaking packed with dynamic characters and choked with lots of twists, motion and emotion.

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Besides the Massood, only the Chirinaldo made decent soldiers, and those dizzy heliox-breathers were poor companions on a blasted battlefield. He adjusted his dress vest and shorts, smoothing out the short gray fur that peered from beneath the hems. The irises of his eyes were a lighter gray, the vertical pupils almost black. At the same time he tried to relax. That was something of a contradiction in terms. A Massood could not really relax. Immaterial on the battlefield, it often kept them from promotion to command positions, where the presence of a calmer S’van was more reassuring.

Even the traditional show of force had failed to convince, serving only to warn them of what was to come and allowing them time to prepare. The Amplitur knew that might be the result, but they tried it anyway. The peoples of the Purpose did not attack without first trying persuasion. They were integrators, not conquerors. Next had come the traditional attempt at subverting the government, through innuendo and bribery carried out by allies who physically resembled the Sspari. The morality of such methods was often questioned, but the Amplitur would do anything to avoid war, that obscene offense against reason.

If necessary, a pill could be taken. Golden eyes studied the vast arc of the transparent wall, pondering the expanse of space outside the ship. Much beauty was to be found in the cascade of stars and worlds, in the iridescent wash of nebulae so like the changing gold and silver patterns that highlighted Amplitur skin. Underspace shifting diffused the shapes beyond, reducing great suns to ethereal blurs of color which only added to their loveliness. Only in the full light of the Purpose could such magnificence be truly appreciated.

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