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Jacques Derrida is, within the phrases of the big apple occasions , ''perhaps the world's most renowned philosopher—if now not the one recognized thinker. '' He frequently provokes controversy once his identify is pointed out. yet he additionally conjures up the dignity that comes from an illustrious occupation, and, between many that have been his colleagues and friends, he encouraged friendship.

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It seems such a pity that you can't enjoy a holiday here when it's your very own holiday-house. Can't you try? " Velda looked up at the round tower, and the whispering leaves that hemmed it in. "If only that unsociable bloke up there would come sailing down in a long cream car and take us both into Innsbruck, I'd stay, of course! If only he'd come down and invite us to crawl up through his woods and have a drink in baronial splendour, I'd stay. " She swung her long, slim legs down off the wooden rail, and yawned a little as she stretched herself.

She gave him her hand, and her hazel-brown eyes were full of gratitude. There was so much gratitude in them that they glowed like golden flowers. "I--I don't know how to thank you . " she managed, at last. "Then, don't," he returned, and shut the car door on her. As it started to move away along the curving drive she lowered the window and called out to him. " He merely waved a hand . . the one good hand attached to his one good arm. She thought that he looked very slim and upright standing alone on the drive, very distinguished, very elegant, very handsome--despite that angry scar he would never get rid of.

I don't understand you," she admitted. "Old Uncle Jeremy was considerate enough to die and leave us this chalet, and we can stay here as long as we like, and yet you look a gift horse in the mouth, as it were . . and want more! " Her eyes roved dreamily. "I simply fail to understand you . " And then, as if she suddenly did understand, she looked at Velda with a hint of sympathy. For Velda was made to be admired . . A slender, beautiful, up-and-coming London model, with exciting red-gold hair and genuine green eyes--clear green like softened emeralds--she obviously couldn't be happy without first establishing that some member of the opposite sex (even a definitely elderly one who had travelled on the same train with her and capitulated the instant she condescended to notice him) was residing in her immediate neighbourhood.

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