The Mayor of Casterbridge (Webster's Chinese-Traditional by Thomas Hardy

By Thomas Hardy

This variation is written in English. even though, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of The Mayor of Casterbridge. This variation may

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Chinese Simplified admit: 接纳, 接待, 承认. afford: 力足以做, 负担得起. alone: 独自, 单独, 单纯, 单独地. artificially: 不自然地, 人工地, 人为地, 人工. buying: 购买. compel: 强迫, 胁迫, 逼迫. discussions: 会谈, 讨论. feast: 宴会, 盛宴, 筵席. finds: 找到. folk: 民间, 人们. freely: 自由地. harmony: 调和, 和谐, 协调. harvest: 收成, 收割, 收获. hence: 因此, 於是. hilarity: 欢乐. independence: 独立. infinite: 无限的, 无尽的, 无穷的. inharmonious: 不和睦的, 格格不入. interruption: 中断, 干扰. minor: 未成年人, 未成年者, 小, 次要的, 较小的. mood: 心情, 气氛, 情绪, 语气, 心思, 思绪. nourish: 滋养, 滋润. persistently: 一个劲儿. satisfaction: 满意.

Having said this, he sat down. Chinese Simplified anybody: 任何人. baker: 面包师傅, 贝克. calm: 镇静, 泰然, 安静, 安宁, 坦然, 从容不迫, 冷静, 镇定, 平静的, 沉静. direct: 直接, 主持, 正面, 迳直, 导演. drank: 喝了. drawn: 画了. flour: 面粉, 白面, 粉. gain: 赢得, 博得, 成果, 盈利, 获得, 获取. grown: 成长. miller: 磨坊主. pleasure: 欢乐, 乐趣, 愉快. repay: 偿还, 报答, 报偿. replace: 代替, 接替, 更换, 替换. reply: 回答, 答覆, 答复, 反应, 答应, 答词, 回信. sat: 坐了, 星期六. sound: 声音, 音. spoken: 说话. stern: 严竣, 严厉的, 船尾. tumbler: 不倒翁, 扳不倒儿. turn: 转动, 转弯. wheat: 小麦, 麦子. wholesome: 有益, 合卫生的. Thomas Hardy 41 6 Now%the group outside the window had within the last few minutes been reinforced by new arrivals, some of them respectable shopkeepers and their assistants, who had come out for a whiff of air after putting up the shutters for the night; some of them of a lower class.

Wrote: 写了. 44 The Mayor of Casterbridge "No, sir. " The mayor walked up and down the vestibule of the hotel with his hands under his coat tails, as if he were merely seeking a cooler atmosphere than that of the room he had quitted. But there could be no doubt that he was in reality still possessed to the full by the new idea, whatever that might be. At length he went back to the door of the dining-room, paused, and found that the songs, toasts, and conversation were proceeding quite satisfactorily without his presence.

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