The Obsidian Heart (Echoes of Empire, Book 2) by Mark T. Barnes

By Mark T. Barnes

An uneasy peace has settled over the Shrīanese Empire, and for Indris and Mari, a existence jointly simply may be attainable. yet whereas the battling might be over, the fight among the 2 nice homes vying to rule has simply started, and stuck among them are Indris and Mari—warriors of the top caliber…and contributors of the opposing families.

With the court docket moved to a brand new urban, the previous machinations of Mari’s father, Corajidin, are nonetheless churning as he maneuvers to form the longer term Empire. For Mari and Indris, even though, it may be the prior that’s their undoing, as misplaced fans and forgotten flames reappear as though by means of darkish magic.

And darkish magic it can be, for a deadly alliance with witches couldn't in simple terms supply Corajidn keep watch over of Shrīan, yet once more plunge the state again into war—especially after a sorcerous conflict destroys a lot of the city…and forces Indris and Mari to half ways.

In The Obsidian center, the second one quantity of the Echoes of Empire sequence, darkness falls over a country already reeling from a high priced civil struggle. Can the Indris and Mari live to tell the tale this new probability to save lots of not just those they love, yet potentially the total global?

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A thousand? Once they had reinforcements they would search the entire city. They would find Norrine in Santiole’s care, and then they would come for Erika. “I have to leave,” she said. Grandfather tapped his fork gently on his plate. ” It was the closest Adran city by land. It would take over a week to get there, but she had no choice. “Nikslaus doesn’t have many men. He can’t be watching all the city gates. ” grandfather asked. “Please,” she leaned close to him, offering her broadest smile. “You’re going to be a terror for whatever man you marry.

Santiole was alone, and she approached the cafe hesitantly. She came inside with one hand on her pistol. “Nikslaus is here,” she said, taking Norrine back outside. “A Privileged walked by with some soldiers not long ago,” Norrine said. ” Santiole gave a curt, approving nod. “It took me longer than expected to speak to Lady Erika without being spotted. They’ve closed the port and they have men watching all the city gates. ” Norrine asked. “We’ll go during the night. ” Santiole moved the hem of her jacket to reveal a coil of rope hanging from her belt.

I do hope you’re none the worse for Duglas’ little game,” Nikslaus said. Erika’s hand went to her throat involuntarily. The welt would be there for a week or more. Nikslaus continued, “He’s a fantastic swordsman but he does come from lesser stock. A peasant, you see. ” “It’s all right,” Erika said, praying Nikslaus would turn around and leave. “I thought you were rather fetching with a sword,” Nikslaus said. ’ Not skillful or quick or anything else. Just fetching. What an ass. Nikslaus rapped on the door as if to say goodbye, and gave her and grandfather each a nod.

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