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Little emotion is involved; they cannot wish or hope the emergency will go away or fix itself. They let the events of the emergency dictate their actions. Traders should do the same. Don’t let emotion enter into a trade; follow procedures. If the procedures work over time, changing them because you have a feeling this time it will be different will only lead to losses. This will only reinforce poor trading habits and allow the hindsight monster to trample your disciplined trading program and eventually decimate your portfolio.

Keep them small. Undisciplined traders tend to allow emotions to be a big part of their trading. They tend to view each trade as a life and death situation in their trading career. This approach to each trade clouds decisions of when to enter and exit. Many feel that trading is a reflection of their personal self. They tend to think that all losses reflect a loser and that all profits reflect a winner. This is far from the truth; trading is inherently difficult. We have said previously that active traders go up against the best in the business and they have deeper pockets.

If a stock is moving fast and you are hanging around for 30 seconds for a confirmation, this can feel much longer than 30 seconds. Also, if those 30 seconds pass and you are not filled, this can cause a bit of frustration, especially if you are trying to exit a stock. Finally, one point to consider is that a trader can enter in an all-ornone (AON) or ANY order. Suppose that I wanted to enter a stock at the best ask for 1,000 shares. If I placed an AON order at the Ask, then a Market Maker would not be allowed to execute that order unless he or she was willing to fill the whole amount.

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