Transhuman by Ben Bova

By Ben Bova

Six-time Hugo Award-winner Ben Bova offers Transhuman.

Luke Abramson, an excellent mobile biologist has one pleasure in lifestyles, his ten-year-old granddaughter, Angela. whilst he learns that Angela has an inoperable mind tumor and is given lower than six months to stay, Abramson desires to attempt an experimental new remedy that he believes will kill Angela's tumor.
Her mom and dad item and the sanatorium paperwork blocks the experimental process since it has no longer been authorized through the FDA. figuring out that Angela will die sooner than he can get approval, Abramson abducts Angela from the health facility. He plans to take her to a personal learn laboratory in Oregon.
Luke has grew to become his outdated SUV right into a makeshift clinical facility, treating Angela as top he can whereas they're at the street, desperately attempting to hold his granddaughter alive lengthy sufficient to provide her the therapy he believes will keep her life.

Abramson realizes that he's too outdated and decrepit to escape around the kingdom together with his in poor health granddaughter, so he injects himself with a genetic issue that has effectively reversed getting older in animal tests.
As the chase weaves around the nation from one study facility to a different, Luke starts off to develop bodily more youthful, more advantageous. He appears and feels the best way he did thirty or 40 years in the past.
But will he be ready to retailer Angela?

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Cordelia tried to pull his hands away from his face. Another seizure, she thought—but then realized with a shock that he was weeping. She held his head on her lap to stop the wild rocking. The spots where the tendrils had penetrated his skin were black in the center, surrounded by rings of red flesh that were beginning to swell alarmingly. There was a particularly nasty one at the corner of his eye. Apparently the creature had been coated all over with a similar poison, for Vorkosigan was kneeling with his hand in the stream.

Nobody else seems to. He's a superb ground combat soldier. He also hates my guts, as you Betans would phrase it. He enjoys hating my guts. " Vorkosigan shrugged, amused. "Well, it's useful for me to have someone to work out with who doesn't pull his punches. Surviving hand-to-hand combat practice with Bothari gives me a real edge. I prefer to keep that phase of our relationship confined to the practice ring, however. I can imagine how Radnov might be misled into including Bothari without examining his politics too closely.

Sometimes. Over twenty years. He lay back, silent again, and she took another turn around the glade, listening at the wood's edge to a silence so profound the roaring of the blood in her ears seemed to drown it out. She filched one of the halfburned bedrolls from Dubauer and covered him up. He had evidently bathed in the stream, and used the single-application packet of depilitory he had been saving in his belt to wipe away the itchy four-day growth on his face. "I need some help with this leg.

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