Vitamin D: Metabolism and Function by Dr. Hector F. DeLuca (auth.)

By Dr. Hector F. DeLuca (auth.)

Because illnesses of the bone are frequently much less acute and not more lifethreatening than dis­ eases of the circulatory process, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, liver, and the fearful method, they've got acquired a disproportionately smaller quantity of awareness within the clinical international. With the common expanding existence span of guy due to increase­ ments in smooth drugs, espe~ially within the pediatric box, the seriousness of many metabolic bone illnesses has certainly turn into extra visible. furthermore, different advancements in medication, equivalent to hemodialysis for the maintenance of renal failure sufferers, have approved the advance of alternative results of diseased kidneys, one in every of that's the looks of renal osteodystrophy. eventually, the looks of a number of genetic problems within the quarter of metabolic bone sickness has been underscored through the answer of alternative pediatric diseas~s of even more critical effects. those rising difficulties all recommend that a lot is still realized in regards to the sys­ temic keep watch over of bone, either as a structural organ and as a reservoir for the $64000 parts of calcium and phosphorus so crucial for the help of existence in advanced multicellular organisms of which guy is crucial. As might be verified within the ancient element of this manuscript, the lifestyles of the 3 most crucial humoral elements regulating bone metabolism and func­ tion at the moment are known.

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MAciNTYRE and his colleagues have followed the apparent suppression of 25-0H-D3-1-hydroxylase by 1,25-(OH)~3 itself. , 1975). , 1976). SUDA suggests that the suppression of I-hydroxylase by 1,25-(OHhD 3 is mediated entirely by suppression of parathyroid hormone secretion. Although this may account in part for the suppression, SUOA and his colleagues have not explained why 1,25-(OH)~3 will suppress I-hydroxylase in hypophosphatemic animals where parathyroid hormone secretion is probably not a factor (TANAKA and DELUCA, 1974).

1971a, b). , 1970). Again 80-90 percent of the radioactivity from 1,25-(OH)2D3 was found associated with the nuclear-debris fraction. Using the best methods of isolating pure nuclei, only 20 percent of the total homogenate DNA from intestine could be isolated as pure nuclei. This pure fraction accounted for only 20 percent of the to'tal homogenate radioactivity. Chromatin isolated by the method of MARUSHlGE and BONNER also revealed only 20 percent of the cellular radioactivity in pure chromatin.

1977; BAKSI and KENNY, 1977). Using the Japanese quail, it could be demonstrated that egg-laying females had high levels of 25-0H-D r l-hydroxylase whereas males of the same age, the same group, and under the same conditions had low levels of I-hydroxylase and signiftcant levels of the 25-0H-D,24-hydroxylase. If an injection of estradiol was given to mature male quails, within 24 h there was a high level of 25-0H-D 3-1-hydroxylase and a suppression of 24-hydroxylase. Because this response was not found in immature male quails, injections of both testosterone and estradiol were given.

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