Wizard Cadet (Intergalactic Wizard Scout Chronicles, Book 2) by Rodney Hartman

By Rodney Hartman

Wizard scouts are the elite, deep-recon forces of the Intergalactic Empire. they seem to be a mixture of expertise and magic-like talents.

Richard, a cadet on the Intergalactic Wizard Scout Academy, is on project to retrieve a defecting scientist on a planet deep in the back of enemy strains. In idea, it may be an easy in-and-out challenge. yet as Richard realized in the past, not anything is ever easy. With a perilous Crosioian scout scorching on his path, Richard quickly unearths himself caught with a number of super-genius little ones who may possibly carry a mystery which may suggest the salvation or destruction of 3 galaxies. among dodging plasma rounds from heavily-armored Crosioian squaddies to scuffling with werewolves, ogres, magic clients and lethal dimension-shifting cats the dimensions of lions, Richard quickly reveals himself some distance open air his unique undertaking parameters.

Even with the aid of his conflict desktop, Nickelo, the percentages of Richard finishing his challenge and getting the kids properly house is low. upload within the interference of the mysterious entity referred to as ‘the One’ in addition to an all too artful grasp demon, and the percentages of survival decreases much more quickly. Will Richard’s wizard scout education be triumphant, or is he doomed to fail? His basically wish could be to discover allies within the impossible of areas. in fact, a liberal sprinkling of good fortune wouldn’t harm either.

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